What is Prejudgment Writ of Attachment?

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Prejudgment Writ of Attachment

Prejudgment Writ of Attachment

Money is the most basic thing today. No one wants to lose it. For instance, in the case of a loan, the creditor wishes to get his money back as fast as possible, whereas the debtor wishes to stall the payments off for as long as he can. Such situations lead to complications and as a result both the parties end up in court. (Many cases are collected by us without going to court for a PJWOA)
A debtor always tries to avoid the possibility of the payments which he owes to the creditor. For this, he avoids speaking to his credit suppliers. And if sued, he may defend the case as well, even though he is charged heavily by the attorney defending his cause. The retainer which the debtor pays to the attorney along with other hourly rates cost loads of dollars to him, sometimes as much as 50% of the amount he owes. This motivates him to settle the case with the approval of the client creditor, of course.

As far as the creditors are concerned, the processing of getting into court and recovering your money is fast. It takes no more than 15 days (Alaska) to 45 days (California) days to get the judgment. No testimony in a PJWOA & the papers determine who wins. Also, the matter must be a commercial case ( not a consumer case ) , the amount must be over $10,000 (may vary in each State) & sometimes requires a bond.

It is very unfortunate that most of the attorneys don’t know about the prejudgment writ of attachment for debt collection. While, those who know, they don’t want to get engaged in it because of the heavy paperwork involved in it or they want a substantial retainer & hourly fees.
Unlike many other collection companies in the US, International Legal Recovery helps you get your money through prejudgment writ of attachment with one of the 67 contingency collection attorneys that we use.

After considering the application filed by the attorney, the judge issues a prejudgment writ of attachment. As a result of this, we can attach the house or bank accounts of the debtor.To help you grasp the idea even further, let us quote one of our cases. In the recent past, we collaborated with a bank in a case involving a $100,000 loan. The debtor wasn’t able to make her payments. However, she had a home to her name with adequate equity. She had a considerable amount of credit to her name as well. The attorney filed the prejudgment writ of attachment lawsuit and this resulted in a contact from her attorney. The case was thus settled in an amount agreeable to our client. The bank loan was paid and the client remained in business as well.

To find out more about the way things work in prejudgment writ of attachment or to discuss your case, give us a call us at 213 935 0237 or send us an email from our website www.the900poundgorilla.com. We can help you get the money that is due you.

Alan Lederman
Alan Lederman
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