Frequently Asked Questions

1How are your recovery rates?
Our collection agency has one of the highest debt recovery rates in the country. Our commercial debt collectors have expertly closed collection cases that are recently past due to those more difficult older past due cases. Our team will also manage the legal process and help negotiate repayment solutions.
2Do you work on a contingency basis?
We offer very fair contingency rates. We will only receive a fee if money is collected on accounts that you place with us. If we do not collect, we receive no fee.
3What are the upfront fees?
No up front fees or sign up charges for our commercial debt collection services International Legal Recovery will not charge you a sign up fee for our services. We operate on a per-account basis and will not require you to submit all of your accounts to us.
4How quickly can the debt be recovered?
We process your account as soon as it is placed for collection and we will provide you with immediate feedback once we have made contact with the debtor. The quicker you act, the better are your chances of debt recovery.
5How do you find debtors?
Through our investigators, we will locate those hard to find debtors and uncover any assets the debtor may have.
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