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Prejudgment Writ of Attachment
What is Prejudgment Writ of Attachment?
September 24, 2016
Bankruptcy Law & Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
Bankruptcy Law and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
October 24, 2016
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Documentation Needed to Collect? Attorney Debt Collection

Documentation Needed to Collect? Attorney Debt Collection

A name which resonates around the legal world, not only inside the US but in many other parts of the world also, is Alan Lederman. The founder of International Legal Recovery is considered to be one of the most experienced people in the collection world. He carefully evaluates the situation of every client and works individually with them in order to produce maximum results. For this, he requires proper documentation and details of the agreements undertaken between creditor and debtor. In this guide, we will discuss the documents you’re required to produce and the reasons behind them. Usually we start out with the statement of account regarding this case.

Our company has set certain rules which are strictly followed. The foremost one involves the submission of documents involving your business with the debtor. We need to look at the papers and ensure that the debt is actually owed. Only after this, we are able to prepare our case and in each case we prove to the debtor that the company or he/she has some debt which needs to be paid.
As a firm, we are strict in our approach to complying with the rules we have set forth.

This step isn’t a very asking one as the papers which you’re required to produce are very simple and basic ones. The papers are;

· Proof of the bad check: The proof that the debtor has violated the contract according to which he was liable to produce a monthly sum against the amount you paid him;
· Proof of the contract: Secondly, you need to provide us with the contract;
· Papers of correspondence: Emails or letters

This makes it easy for us to communicate with the debtor and prove the debt is owed. Most cases are collected without going to court & if we are unsuccessful in the demand collection phase & before we recommend to our client that the case should go to court, we do a complete study of the collectability of the debtor. OF THE $2 BILLION OF UNCOLLECTED JUDGMENTS IN THE USA, A MAJORITY OF THEM WERE NEVER RESEARCHED FOR COLLECTABILITY. Let me know why you think this is true. We do not want to recommend the case to our contingency collection attorney in the debtors State, unless we believe that the case is collectable. We research collectability. That is why each one of these attorneys are on a first name basis with us & take all of our cases.

International Legal Recovery is a reliable name in the field of debt recovery. We fully abide by the Bankruptcy Act & The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,. We do not buy debt. We have references in every field.
If you have any accounts receivable which you’re finding hard to recover, if we can’t collect it, no one can. To discuss your case, give us a call at 213 935 0237 or go to our website

Alan Lederman
Alan Lederman
I have arranged lawsuits using over 60 carefully selected law firms, both nationally and internationally, and I work with the lawyers and the clients until the case is completed.

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