Bankruptcy Law and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

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October 14, 2016
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Bankruptcy Law & Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Bankruptcy Law & Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

In business you cannot always ensure a smooth flow of cash. This is because there are times when you aren’t receiving the due amount of money from the debtors. In such situations, hiring a law or collection firm is the most feasible option as it will use the Bankruptcy Law & The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, for the purpose of collection. The FDCPA demands us to reject the application of unfair and unjust ways when it comes to the collection of your accounts receivable.

International Legal Recovery, led by Alan Lederman, has been actively serving its clients for almost 17 years, not only in the US but in other parts of the world as well.

One of our clients, an electrical manufacturer, who has been benefiting from our services for almost 15 years. He manufactures & supplies wholesale electrical supply places all over the US. This why he has set up a collection department in his company. We get cases from them only after their collection department has been unable to collect.

Not only do we have a very high success percentage, but in the cases of Bankruptcy we have produced many dollars to this company. For instance, in a recent case, we collected more than $10,000 for our client from the debtor. We made an arrangement in which a company bought our creditor’s interest in the bankruptcy, giving him the money against it. A thing worth mentioning here is that we are very consistent with our efforts to help you get your money. We follow a case from the beginning to the very last.

The process of getting money involves the following steps;

  •       Filing the bankruptcy claim
  •       Speaking to the trustee
  •       Following the case to the end

We do not take new cases that have already filed a BK. Getting your money becomes a lot easier when it is done with the help of a firm like International Legal Recovery. With the professional prowess of ILR and its associates, you can get the maximum amount of your money back within minimum possible time.  

At ILR, individual focus is paid to each client’s case. To know more about our firm or to discuss your issues for free give us a call us at 213 935 0237 or log on to our website where you can send us an email about your case.


Alan Lederman
Alan Lederman
I have arranged lawsuits using over 60 carefully selected law firms, both nationally and internationally, and I work with the lawyers and the clients until the case is completed.

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