We've been a debt collection agency for over 16 years and can expertly handle all of your domestic and international commercial collection needs, including: asset investigation, debt collection letters, debt collection calls, documentation, payment recovery and litigation. We represent creditors in every industry, including helping with jewelry debt collection, construction debt collection, textile debt collection, manufacturing debt collection , supply, shipping, real estate collection, professional services collections and computers.
Our collection agency has one of the highest debt recovery rates in the country. Our commercial debt collectors have expertly closed collection cases that are recently past due to those more difficult older past due cases. Our team will also manage the legal process and help negotiate repayment solutions.
  • Thank you Alan Lederman of International Legal Recovery for what you did for me.
    Julius Liu
    Berkeley Wind
  • home_lawyer2_ourteam_2
    After successful collection recovery of $10,000.00 from a 1 year old account from a company in the Far East, the client said to me, "If you can collect from a company so far away, you can collect from anywhere in the world, you are the #1 Gorilla in the USA."
    Jackelin Krikorian
    Jackie's Worldwide Express
  • home_lawyer2_ourteam_1
    "Your idea of [The Triple Whammy] really brought this large corporation literally to its knees & they pleaded with you to [Get the Gorillas out of our office] and handed over a cashier's check for the full balance and all costs. Although this procedure took a couple of months and you held my hand all the way, it gave me great pleasure to give them back double the aggravation that they caused me."
    Michael Bushell
    Oak Realty Partners
  • home_lawyer2_ourteam_3
    "On July 30th I gave you both cases for $30,000 which were giving me a headache for a long time. They had my merchandise but wouldn't respond to my letters and phone calls for payment. One week later you collected the first case for $10,000 and two weeks after that, you got me the second one for $20,000."
    Zaven Isilkaplan
    Kaplan Diamond Corp.

No up front fees or sign up charges

International Legal Recovery will not charge you a sign up fee for our services. We operate on a per-account basis and will not require you to submit all of your accounts to us.

About the Founder- Alan Lederman

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Areas of Expertise
Commercial collection, unpaid invoices, memos, bad check recovery, contracts, collecting overdue notes, etc. Creditors' rights in all industries. Lawsuits of all types and legal actions, as needed. We forward cases to over 60 collection law firms for immediate lawsuits.
Graduated Boston University, B.Sc. Degree in Business Administration, including an accelerated program at Boston University Law School. (Please note, I am not a practicing attorney.)
Business Experience
I have worked in three prominent law firms. In 1990, after observing many attorneys and debt collectors, I developed my own style for debt recovery, which includes treating the debtor as I would want to be treated in his position. I am a frequent guest speaker at associations and business groups. After speaking at the Diamond Club, West Coast, I was given several accounts to collect unpaid bills from. Icollected a bill on a two-year-old past due account two hours after the account was given to me! My client received his check the next day. After successfully completing other debt collection cases, the debtors have thanked me for being so helpful! I have arranged lawsuits using over 60 carefully selected law firms, both nationally and internationally, and I work with the lawyers and the clients until the case is completed.
Community Work
I have been a Trustee of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Southern California Chapter, for over 15 years; and I have received the designation "Most Valuable Trustee." Member of Rotary International (Westlake Village Sunrise)
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